Why Choose this Course

If you are someone who don't know anything about web designing then this course is for you

  • Live Website Project in this Course

  • This Course is in Hindi Language

  • No Programming Knowledge Required

  • Lectures Organized from Basic to Advance Level

  • Get a Course Completion Certificate

  • Learn Freelancing and Earn from Home

Course Syllabus

Designed for Beginners

  • 2

    Introduction of cPanel Elements

  • 3

    Introduction of WordPress Stuff

    • Introduction of WordPress Dashboard

    • Introduction of WordPress Themes

    • Introduction of WordPress Plugins

    • How to Create Pages

    • How to Create Page Menus

    • How to Design a Logo

  • 4

    Designing the Website

    • Dealing with Frontpage and Permalinks

    • Creating Content on Homepage

    • Creating Content on About Page

    • Creating Content on Services Page

    • How to Embed a Google Map

    • Creating Content on Contact Page

    • Creating the Footer

  • 5

    Website Utilities

    • How to Create a Popup

    • How to Create a Backup of the Website

    • Changing the WordPress login URL

  • 6

    eCommerce Development (Sell Anything Online)

    • Installing and Setting up WooCommerce

    • Basic WooCommerce Settings

    • Setting up Taxes in Your eCommerce Website

    • Setting up Shipping Zone and Shipping Prices

    • Account and Email for Notifications

    • Setting up Coupon / Discount System

    • Integrating Payumoney Payment Gateway

  • 7

    Dealing with the Products

  • 8

    Designing Your eCommerce Store

    • Installing the Theme and Required Plugin

    • Creating Pages (Home, About, Contact, and TOS) + Frontpage

    • Creating Menu

    • Creating Homepage Content (Displaying Products)

    • Setting up the Footer

  • 9

    HTML/CSS in WordPress

    • What is HTML and What are HTML Tags?

    • What are Text Formatting Tags?

    • How to Use Fonts Tag with HTML Properties?

    • How to Create Click-to-Call Links with HTML?

    • How to create a Table in HTML?

    • How to Display a List with HTML?

    • How to Display an Image with HTML?

    • How to Display a YouTube video with HTML?

    • What is CSS, its Syntax & How to use it?

    • CSS ID

    • CSS Class Usage

    • CSS Borders

    • Margin and Padding in CSS

    • CSS Height and Width(Button)

    • Formatting Text with CSS

    • CSS Images

  • 10

    Career as a Freelancer

    • What is Freelancing

    • Introduction of Upwork.com

    • Sign up as a Freelancer

    • How to Write a Proposal that can attract Client's Attention

    • Job Invitations

    • How to discuss project with the client in the Upwork Chat Room?

    • Important Tips in Freelancing